Top & Skirt: Forever21
Flats: H&M

Bag: Juicy Couture
Flats: Franco Sarto 

It was a beautiful summer day! My boyfriend and I were going to a small town called Sierra Madre to have a lunch date. I fell in love with this quaint, peaceful and friendly place immediately.     
What a beautiful place! Naples is definitely one of my favorite cities to visit in Florida. Window shopping, fresh seafood, crystal clear blue skies, green vegetation everywhere and white sand beaches in tropical weather are some of my favorite things. I was trying to coordinate all those tropical colors with my outfit.

I actually like the southern humidity. My skin felt naturally moisturized. After living in dry California for a long time, I do miss the humid air. Since I grew up in the subtropical monsoon climate in Asia, the weather  reminded me of  my childhood home very much.

My first time eating lobster in the American way was with fresh lemon and melted butter. I had a two and half pound lobster and lots of shrimp and mussels. After the meal, I promised myself I wouldn't eat lobster for a month, but I went back again the next day. While I am writing this, my mouth is starting to water just thinking about the delicious red Maine lobster.

Tie Dye Top: Anthropologie
Floral Shorts: Lucca Couture
Beaded Loaf: Aldo

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After two weeks of cloudy and chilly skies in May (not normal weather for this time in LA), a clear and sunny day finally came. But it was a hot 100 degrees! I can't accept the idea of skipping the lovely Spring season then jumping straight into Summer, so I decided to wear a floral dress in this sizzling weather instead of shorts and a tank top.

            Daisy Floral Print Dress: Forever 21